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Marriage Counseling San Antonio

Welcome to marriage counseling San Antonio. We are the best marriage counseling San Antonio.

We have the perfect counseling services in San Antonio TX for you and your spouse.

We offer christian marriage counseling San Antonio TX. We also offer premarital counseling.

We look forward to meeting you and your spouse and being the help that you need to find hope and healing at this phase of your life.

san antonio couples counseling

Couples Counseling

san antonio marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

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Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling San Antonio

san antonio couples therapy

If you read our marriage counseling San Antonio reviews you will come to realize very quickly that relationship counseling San Antonio is very successful and worth the time and money it requires.

We believe in confidentiality in couples counseling San Antonio. It is our goal for our clients to feel safe and secure in opening up and sharing their thoughts and feelings, which we know is very vulnerable. This is why we create a safe space for our clients to do so.

It can be a scary thing to share what you are hoping your relationship could be wondering if your spouse is on the same page or even willing to get there with you. Our counselors do a wonderful job at facilitating these sweet and tender conversations so that you may see success and unity in your marriage.

It is our goal for you to love the work that we provide and to want to come back. Not only come back but we want you to look forward to your counseling sessions and tell all of your friends and family how great they are. We do our best in every way to make that happen.

We value our clients and know that they are the most important part of what we do as a company. They are our first and foremost priority.

Why Choose Us?

The things that will help you best to see a change while in San Antonio couples therapy is if you are both willing to be humble and willing to work out their flaws and weaknesses, and those who are still in love or ready to reignite their love even more.

The resources that we offer and have here at marriage counseling San Antonio are the best tools in assisting couples in their couples counseling near me journey. We have been helping couples here in San Antonio couples therapy for years. We find joy in their success and their happiness.

These are a few important notes about our couples therapy San Antonio:

  • We have very educated therapists for couples therapy
  • Our couples therapy San Antonio is highly successful
  • We offer christian marriage counseling San Antonio
  • We do not judge and we accept everyone
  • We help lower the risk of divorce
  • We help you to gain new perspectives and understandings of your spouse

If you are wondering if marriage counseling is for you, or if it will work for you then give us a call today. We will give you all of the info you need to decide which step to take next in your relationship.

We want you to be happy and will guide you in whatever direction we feel would be best for you and your spouse

What To Expect?

If you are having marriage problems it is best if you seek help as soon as you possibly can in San Antonio couples therapy. It helps best the earlier you can receive it and accept the marriage advice given while in San Antonio marriage counseling. There are so many things to work on in a marriage and the earlier you start, you will find it to be less frustrating and more hopeful.

It is very important that your spouse and yourself like your marriage counselor for the relationship counseling that you will attend at marriage counseling San Antonio. If you think that the first therapist you see is not the correct or best one for you, be open and let us know. We are always willing to get you to the perfect therapist for you and your spouse.

Counseling will look different for every single couple. The better and more often you and your spouse work together the better chances you are going to have at couples therapy near me success. The therapist that you choose will get to know both you and your spouse and will begin to understand how you work together and communicate in couples counseling San Antonio.

They will give you the necessary tools so that you can work together better and communicate with more understanding, love, and respect for one another. We would love to hear from you and know how your counselor has helped and made such an impact on your marriage.

san antonio family counseling


We encourage many people to do pre marriage counseling before being married as it will help strengthen your relationship as you go into and begin that committed relationship.

We also have marriage therapy for those in their marriage that are ready to change some ways in which their relationship rolls or should we say doesn’t roll.

Premarital Counseling

30% of people who participate in some types of couples therapy before marriage say that they are more satisfied in their relationship. If you would like to be part of this highly satisfied group of married people then this is the counseling service for you.

You will learn to make sure the good moments happen frequently, appreciate each other's differences, and learn how to gain effective strategies for protecting against affairs.

Couples Counseling

Could you imagine for a moment if your marriage was the marriage of your dreams? What would that consist of? What would that look like for you?

Here in couples counselling we try to make that happen. We give you the tools to help you in creating this relationship for yourselves, in knowing what and how it needs to change and grow with the accountability to do the changing and growing necessary with couples counseling San Antonio.

About San Antonio

Let us give you a run down of San Antonio Texas. It is a widely big city with 1.5 million as its population in 2019 with it being one of the top growing cities. There are a few air force bases within San Antonio.

It is more of a gentle rolling hills area with oak trees and cacti all around. More than half of San Antonio’s population is Mexican/Latino and its main religion is christianity.

San Antonio’s economy has boomed in call centers, adding them throughout the city. It is huge in military, health care, financial, and oil.

Here is a list of our closest sister cities:

  1. Leon Valley, TX
  2. Alamo Heights, TX
  3. Windcrest, TX
  4. Terrell Hills, TX
  5. Castle Hills, TX
  6. Garden Ridge, TX
  7. Shavano Park, TX
  8. Hollywood Park, TX
  9. Balcones Heights, TX
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

What is the goal of marriage counselling?

The goal of marriage counseling San Antonio TX is to strengthen your relationship. We want everyone walking out of marriage counseling San Antonio TX happy they invested in their marriage and ready to invest more money and time into it. It is true that whatever we invest our time and money into is important and will be more of a priority in our life. What better thing to invest in than your marriage. It is the foundation of your home and family. Without a strong marriage and relationship, you will not have a strong family unit.

Will we benefit from relationship counselling if we have a good relationship?

YES! This is such a great question as most people think marriage counseling near me is only for those couples that are struggling. This is not true. Counseling is for all relationships. If you are not struggling, having a disagreement, or not seeing eye to eye it is a known fact of life that you will at some point. The stronger your relationship is when you are doing well in your relationship, the stronger it will be when the time comes that you need to overcome a hardship together. You will gain a stronger sense of self confidence and know how to communicate when things get tough in San Antonio marriage counseling. Relationship therapy is wonderful and even more successful when you are in a good place to learn such valuable tools for later on in your marriage.

How long does a counseling session last?

The length of your counseling will greatly depend on you as a couple. Counseling sessions typically range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. 2 hours would be the more intensive type of therapy sessions. Where you dig really deep and work for a while on what is going on in your relationship. This is usually for relationships that are really struggling a ton. You will be closer to 45 minutes to an hour for your typical appointment where you are building upon each appointment.

Does couples counseling help?

Yes it helps! The fact that you are here looking into how to create a better relationship shows that there is much hope for your relationship. You will learn how to fix and work on your flaws, you will have an open mind as to how you are impacting your marriage more than you may have thought. It may be an ah ha moment and you will realize how you need to change to better your relationship. It will help you both to grow so much as individuals and then grow together as a couple.

Customer Testimonials

I am a stubborn person and my mind has been changed in a lot of ways. I now understand the standpoint of my fiance and believe we will have a much smoother marriage because of these counseling sessions.

Jane Williams

The exercises that our counselor gave us to work on have been amazing! Seriously they work everytime. We are no longer feeling rejected and alone, but rather loved and in unity.

Carmen Cunningham

Counseling has been worth every penny. You grow in ways that you don’t think that you can in your relationship and work through hurt and pain in ways that you didn’t think you could work through. This counseling has saved our marriage for sure.

Adam Julian

Contact Us Today!

Are you ready to work on your marriage before your marriage gets any worse? Call us today! It may seem near impossible to figure out how to change the way that your marriage has been running.

Or you may be thinking that your marriage will always run smoothly. It will as long as you take marriage counseling before marriage. You will gain the tools you need for it to run smoothly and you will never look back.

We want to encourage you and let you know that if you think it is impossible to figure out how to change the way your marriage is running that it is never impossible.

With the help of marriage counseling San Antonio we will get you and your spouse right on track in helping you make mini and sometimes drastic changes that will change the way your marriage has been running.

Marriage Counseling San Antonio

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